Join the fight against marginalization Of Edo Indigenes.

ACT Now COVID-19 Response Fund

Is either of your parents from Edo state?
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Join us in the fight against Corona virus that has also led to hunger virus in
the life of our Indigenes as a result of the lock down and social distancing.
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Join the fight against marginalization Of Edo Indigenes.

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Is either of your parents from Edo State? If yes, then join us

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Update on Corona virus fund raising

Ever since the pandemic of Corona virus COVID 19, Edo Indigenes Association has taking it upon it self as a group to source for funds around the world to support its Indigenes as most of the Indigenes has complained bitterly that they are yet to receive any support from the government during this lockdown process, while we encourage our Indigenes to maintaining the social distancing we are also providing direct money transfers , cash and food relief programs to alleviate their suffering.
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ACT Now COVID-19 Response Fund

Edo Progressive Indigenes Association (EPIA) are known for their empowerment program and generosity. Now is the time for all of us to come together to support our neighbors affected by the COVID-19 outbreak.

ACT for Edo Indigenes and the Edo State recognize that COVID-19 and the necessary public health measures to address it will affect our community in many ways – in the weeks ahead and the months to come. There are the life-threatening implications for older Edo Indigenes, and it will disrupt the normal operations of everyone in our community. Edo Indigenes, nonprofit organizations are the fabric of our social safety net and essential partners during this public health crisis. As nonprofit organizations respond, they may become financially vulnerable themselves as they scramble to cover the cost of expanding their services or suspend programs and events that generate revenue.

As the weeks go on, the hardship on individuals and families will intensify. Many already on the financial edge may be pushed into crisis. The demand for emergency health services, food, rent, utility, and childcare assistance as well as mental health services is anticipated. This is when we will need our service providers the most. Our community needs to ACT NOW to ensure these organizations can help us through this time and in the future.

You can help by donating to the ACT Now Edo Indigenes COVID-19 Response Fund
ACT and the Edo Indigenes established the ACT Now COVID-19 Response Fund to provide emergency funding and welfare for our most vonorable Edo indigenes e.g the physically challenged and 60 years and above indigenes. About the ACT Now Fund The ACT Now Fund was created to respond to the needs of Edo Indigenes association to providing critical services to Edo State in response to a significant community crisis, in this case, the COVID-19 outbreak. We recognize that nonprofit organizations responding to this unanticipated crisis are seeing an increase in the demand for services and need financial resources to support the community and address these unexpected needs, our first responds so far from our first donors to this effect was firstly used for the 2000 Naira direct account credit to 5000 Edo Indigenes, we currently making arrangements with our upcoming donations to provide food and cash support to some of our 60 years and other indigenes including the physically challenged.
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Edo Progressive Indigenes Association (EPIA), an Organisation designed to promote the empowerment of all Edo indigenes

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Join us in the fight against Corona virus that has also led to hunger virus in the life of our Indigenes as a result of the lock down and social distancing.

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