Edo Progressive Indigenes Association (EPIA)

Edo Progressive Indigenes Association (EPIA), an Organisation designed to promote the empowerment of all Edo indigenes has been registered for over five years, and has made immense contributions towards the development of the state and it’s indigenes and also we support Indigenous empowerment all over Nigeria , Africa and in every settlement around the world, we are proud partners of the United Nations World Indigenous people.

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Edo Progressive Indigenes Association (EPIA)

This Edo Indigenous movement is made for all the sons and daughters of Edo State that either their mother or fathers are biologically from edo State, this organization was found I 2013 and was registered in May 15 2014 , we have the president CHIEF DR BISHOP J.O ENOYIOGIERE EDOKPOLO and 3 Vice presidents

  • 1. representing Edo south
  • 2. representing Edo Central
  • 3. representing Edo North

  • and 5 international general coordinators 16 coordinators around the world We are a Nonprofit organization.

    Aims & Objectives

  • To empower Edo Indigenes all over the world and fight against maginaliztion of Indigenes in their settlements across the board.
  • To promote law and order among the Edo Indigenous people
  • To stop marginalization of Edo Indigenous people at all level all over the world.
  • To promote infrastructural development in Edo Kingdom. E.g international air port & sea port.
  • To promote Edo Indigenous language and culture all over the world
  • To protect the right of women, children , physically challenged and the vulnerable indigenous people in Edo State and around the world.
  • To create food and welfare bank for Edo Indigenous people in every country they are located worldwide
  • To promote 15% tax cuts for Edo Indigenous investors
  • To promote bursary for Edo Indigenous students
  • To support, encourage and protect the none Indigenous investors and the law abiding none Indigenes.
  • To promote welfare packages for 60 years and older including the physically challenged , widows, homeless children and abused women Edo Indigenous people
  • To promote easy access jobs and loans to Edo Indigenous people including loan for small businesses.
  • To take Data of all Edo Indigenous people all over the the world state.
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    Public Office requirements

    It is mandatory for all our members to contribute their services to Edo Indigenous people under EPIA for atleast 3 years to equip them selfs with the positive doctrine of Edo Indigenous movement before he or she can be recommended for any public office between now and in the future. EPIA believes in promoting Edo Indigenes by merits in their area of professional specialty.

    EPIA opinion about religion

    EPIA those not advertise any religion but we welcome all religions and see all our Edo Indigenes as a people that believe in one God almighty weither you are a Christian, Muslim, Buddhist , olokun or any other religion we see us all as indigenes with one mind and one eye

    Edo Progressive Indigenes Association (EPIA), an Organisation designed to promote the empowerment of all Edo indigenes

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    Join us in the fight against Corona virus that has also led to hunger virus in the life of our Indigenes as a result of the lock down and social distancing.

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