Edo Indigenous Movement (EIM)/Edo Progressive Indigenous Association (EPIA)has expressed shock over the rate of political elites and other supposed leaders in the society break state and federal laws with impunity.

Consequently, the movement called on the police and other security agencies to prosecute these elites just as they prosecute ordinary citizens when a crime is committed in the state. According to EPIA, everyone is equal before the law and should be handled as such.

This was disclosed in a statement signed by the Chairman of Edo Indigenous Publicity and Research Committee Mr. Osazee Nelson Godwin.

According to the statement, “part of the reasons why we are underdeveloped or classified as underdeveloped is simply because there is a culture of impunity and exploitation of loopholes in our legal system by the elites. This attitude of our elites and the response of our securities agencies has demoralized the mood of our citizens and investors alike.

“Because the political leaders or elites who are supposed to be role models have not lived up to expectations, some ordinary citizens now see committing crimes as a way of life and this trend has retarded our society in the area of developments.

“We want to use this medium to call on all our future leaders, especially those candidates contesting for 2020 Edo governorship election to unveil their agenda on how they intend to restore law and order in the society, the citizens need to see their Long-term vision on stabilizing and enforcing law and order in the State.

“Ultimately, unveiling the agendas especially in the area of security, crime control and law enforcement as it concerns the elites will help the citizens in deciding the right candidate at the poll, we believe this will further bring trust to investors and restore sanity in our dear state.

“We all know that the primary reason the Western world flourish economically is because no one is considered above the law, this is contrary to what we have in Edo state, only those without pollical or financial strength is punished for a crime committed , this has to stop in the interest of peace and fairness.

“The vision of EPIA/EIM is to see a society where the law is toughly interpreted and enforced accordingly with all perpetrators duly punished for a crime committed against other citizens without political influence or sentiments”, the statement said.

EPIA was established in 2014 to empower Edo Indigenes all over the world and fight against maginaliztion of indigenes in their settlements across the board; to empower Edo indigenous people; to promote Edo indigenous language and culture all over the world; to protect the right of women, children, physically challenged and the vulnerable indigenous people in Edo State and around the world; to create food and welfare bank for Edo indigenous people in every country they are located worldwide; to promote 15% tax cuts for Edo indigenous investors; to promote bursary for Edo indigenous students; and lots more.

Edo Progressive Indigenes Association (EPIA), an Organisation designed to promote the empowerment of all Edo indigenes

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